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Piping Projects

SEPRITE has completed many  pressure vessel, tank,  piping & specialised welding projects.

> Piping Projects


Specialised Welding Services

SEPRITE offer specialised welding services. Our expertise, combined with a will to do an excellent job at an acceptable budget keep our customers coming back.  This page contains examples of the quality welding service you can expect from SEPRITE.

SEPRITE undertakes to conditionally warranty whatever we weld for One Year.


SEPRITE promise you a professional job, with the minimum fuss and at the fairest price. Contact SEPRITE today - we are the team you want.


Specialised Welding of Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel

Expert welding on a 904-L Pump ImpellerExpert welding on a 904-L pump



Expert welding fabrication was applied to

pump casings for the nuclear industry.

Expert welding on pump casings for the nuclear industry










An Aluminium Bronze Slipper, used in the Steel Making Industry, was mis-cut in final machining. A very expensive mis-cut that was saved by correct specialised welding.

An expensive mis-cut saved with Specialised Welding





A ring gear mis-indexed in the final cuts of an almost  completed gear.
SEPRITE saved the day with a weld repair to the damaged gear teeth.

A repaired weld on a ring gear



Expert welding applied to custom designed valves for

the nuclear industry.

Expert welding applied to valves for the nuclear industry.







A fabricated sprocket assembly to replace a unit previously machined from solid.A sprocket with several pieces of steel welded together







Contact SEPRITE today for specialised, quality welding services.

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