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Piping Projects

SEPRITE has completed many  pressure vessel, tank,  piping & specialised welding projects.

> Piping Projects


Piping Design and Piping Installations

SEPRITE has experience  in Piping Design and Piping Installations across many industries - Paper, Sugar, Steel making, Plastics, Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Water Reticulation and Treatment. In fact, anything from Adhesives to Zinc. 


All our projects have been so successful that many of our customers request additional work. Good planning and dedication to doing what the client asked for, is the secret of our success.  Piping installations are normally in accordance with ASME VIII (Latest Edition), however we can install to any code you require.

We promise you a professional job, with the minimum fuss and at the fairest price. Contact SEPRITE today - we are the team you want.


Piping Installation for Ammonia Refrigeration Plant

Ammonida Refrigeration plantA group of 10 of 30 Suction Accumulators for a large Ammonia Refrigeration piping installation at Durban Fresh Produce Market. The project was undertaken by SEPRITE in two phases -  20 fruit holding rooms in Phase 1, 10 rooms in Phase 2.  It included the installation of all the plant equipment, including the supply of three compressors.

ACHIEVEMENT: Miles of piping X-Rayed 100% without one failure.


Piping Installation for Pet Blowing Lines in a Plastics Factory

Piping installation for PET blowing lines in a plastics factoryIn 2000 SEPRITE installed the piping for a new Compressor House and one new PET Blowing Machine. The following year we installed three machines, and so on up to April 2007 when SEPRITE was asked to complete the ring main. We are still doing expansions for them. Who knows when they will stop! The condition was that they lost minimal production time!

ACHIEVEMENT :  No production time lost. All the tie-ins completed during their lunch break!

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