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SEPRITE has completed many  pressure vessel, tank,  piping & specialised welding projects.

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Products for Pipelines

SEPRITE supplies a wide range of pipeline products for steam, gas and compressed air pipelines. These products are essential to maintain the reliability of your plant. If you use the correct pipeline product for your specific application you will reduce manufacturing costs!

Using Separators in Piping Design

Separators in steam, gas and air systemsSteam Separators are designed to gather small water droplets from steam, air or gas flows and separate them from the pipe flow. A steam separator will reduce wet steam and maintain heat transfer efficiency. Using the right steam separator will reduce erosion and corrosion in your steam, gas or compressed air system and reduce pipework and heating surface scaling.

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Piping Design for Reliability and LongevityStrainers, Filters and Sight Glasses used in Pipeline Design

SEPRITE also supplies industrial water strainers to ensure clean, dry steam, air or gas. This is crucial to the reliability and longevity of your plant. Sight glasses will help you sustain your investment, by allowing quick and easy visual inspection throughout your system.

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Pipeline Products

Flash Condensing Deaerator heads Series 10
Recirculating Feedwater Spray Systems Series 11
Immersion Tube Assemblies Series 12
Direct Injection Heating Systems Series 13
Steam distributors Series 14
Probe chambers and probes Series 15
Sample Coolers Series 16
Flash Vessel Series 17
Blowdown Vessel Series 18
Vent Head Series 19
Orifice Plates & Assemblies Series 20
Condensate Recovery Unit Series 21
Flash Vessel / Steam Recovery Vessels Series 22
Wafer Check Valve Series 23
Check Valve Series 24
Humidifier Series 25
Silencer Heads Series 26
Steam Purifiers Series 27
Steam Manifolds (Boiler) Series 28
Steam Manifolds / Separator Combo (Boiler) Series 29
Clean Steam Filter Series 301
Distribution Manifolds (Plant) Series 30
Distribution Manifolds / Separator Combo (Plant) Series 31



More Pipeline Products

Steam Accumulator Vessels Series 32
Large Bore Sight Glasses for Vessels Series 40
Large Bore Sight Glasses for Pipework (Single Window) Series 41
Large Bore Sight Glasses for Pipework (Double Window) Series 42
Drip Pan Elbows Series 60
Flanged Pot Strainer Fig "A" Series 71
Flanged Pot Strainer Fig "B" Series 72
“Y" Type Flanged Strainer Series 81
Flanged Pot Strainer Series 82
Pressure / Temperature Reducing Stations Series 83
Boiler Feedwater Tanks Series 89
Pulsation Damper Series 90
Surge Vessel Series 91
Separator / "S" Economiser Combo Series 92
"FG" Economisers Series 93
"S" Economiser Series 94
“T" Type Separator Series 95
In-Line" Type Separator   series 950
Gas from Liquid Separator Series 96
In-Line Mixers Series 97
Air Receivers Series 220—440
Air Filters Series 860—900


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