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Separators for Steam, Gas & Compressed Air Lines

Steam Separators are designed to gather small water droplets from steam, gas and compressed air pipelines and separate them from the pipe flow. A steam separator will reduce wet steam and maintain heat transfer efficiency. Using the right steam separator and installing it correctly, will reduce erosion and corrosion in your steam, gas or air system and reduce pipework and heating surface scaling. 

Did You Know?
  A steam separator can save 35% of the cost of operating your boiler!
It will also reduce your product cost due to quicker cycle times and more efficient heating!

SEPRITE has experience in steam piping design and steam engineering, and has designed and manufactured their own steam separator -  the SEPRITE separator. It is a wholly South African product with well over 3000 in use both in SA and abroad.

IMPORTANT: Steam Separators must be installed in the correct locations on your lines. Contact Us today and we will advise you.


95 Series Separator for Steam, Gas and Compressed Air Lines

A “T” Type separator typically is used ahead of High Pressure Turbines and High Pressure Reducing Valves when High Purity Steam is required. It is constructed to Cod95 Series Steam Separatore directives and with a great degree of pride.  The 95 Series Separator is used where entrained liquids and solids must be removed from Steam, Gas and Compressed Air Lines.


SEPRITE separators can be designed and configured in many different ways to suit your operating conditions and installation geometry. Our lead times are short (hours/days rather than weeks/months) and personalised service ensures you get what you need on time. Contact SEPRITE today for more information.



950 Series Separator for Steam, Gas and Compressed Air Lines

The main difference between the 950 Series and the 95 Series, is that the 950 series is horizontally orientated which makes it more compact and easier to fit into awkward spaces. 950 Series Steam SeparatorThe internal components are more complicated than the 95 series making it slightly more expensive. 


The 950 Series performs slightly better,  but has a limited Hold-Up capacity.  The 950 can be configured to suit your operating conditions and installation geometry (e.g. a drop leg to increase condensate holding capacity). Contact SEPRITE today for more information.



Removing Liquids from Steam

Field tests have revealed that between 92 and 96% of entrained liquids in steam and air are removed from the system when properly installed.


Get the most out of your separatorAsk your agent for “Installation Instruction Leaflet” so that you get maximum performance from your separator).


Optional Extras

  • thermowells
  • instrumentation pick up points
  • specific face to face dimensions
  • specific support requirements
  • specific anchor points
  • specific lifting lugs
  • specific attached trap-sets with unions, flanges, valves, sight glasses, strainers, by-passes  and so many other variations.

Contact SEPRITE for more information

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