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Industrial Strainers and Sight Glasses

SEPRITE supplies Industrial Water Strainers to ensure clean, dry steam, gas or air. This is crucial to the reliability and longevity of your plant. Sight Glasses will help you sustain your investment, by allowing quick and easy visual inspection throughout your system.


These products were originally designed for the Power Generation, Petro-Chemical and  Nuclear industries, but they have application across all industries. They are especially  useful to the Food and Beverage Industry and the Paper and Pulp Industry.


82-IL Strainer

82IL Steam Strainer
82-IL industrial water strainer, also available in stainless steel.

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81-IL Strainer

81IL Steam Strainer
81-IL industrial water strainer, also available in stainless steel.


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42V Sight Glasses

Double Window Sight Glass
Also available in stainless steel. From 2“ upwards - very useful in fuel lines, oil lines etc.

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Self Cleaning Filters

Steam Traps



A 16" self cleaning filter developed to specific customer requirements. The filter is integrated with the plant PLC control system and automatically cleans and flushes sediment from recycled process water.


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