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SEPRITE has completed many  pressure vessel, tank,  piping & specialised welding projects.

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SEPRITE was started in 1984 and has built a reputation in the industry for dedicated, professional and efficient service. This reputation has been earned by meticulous planning and clear understanding of your requirements. We are not as cheap as some quotes you may receive, but in the long run your project will work out cheaper. We promise you a professional job, done properly, the first time! We never compromise quality for price and source the best equipment, labour, consumables and materials.


Our Promise to You
Qualified Personnel using Proven Welding Techniques
The Best Product possible for the Price Quoted
Professional, Dedicated and Efficient Service

Balancing Price and Quality

  • PRICE – We source our materials at the best price without compromising quality. We build efficiency into our manufacturing process with the finest equipment in the country. We expect our suppliers to supply quality products, on time and at a fair price.
  • QUALITY – We will not compromise quality for price. We improve the quality of the finished product with the finest equipment in the country. We employ highly skilled staff who do the job right the first time. We believe in employing and retaining the best talent.

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A Customer for Life

We retain our customers through our focus on service and professionalism.

  • SERVICE - Any project we take-on  is done to the best of our ability and better than any of our opposition. We are honest with our clients about work commitments and are careful not to take on too much work at one time.  More than 90% of our clients will wait their turn. We are conservative with our delivery promises and in most deliver early.
  • PROFESSIONALISM - Right from the initial enquiry and quotation, through to commissioning and maintenance we strive for  professionalism. We provide Specification Sheets and drawings to support our products. Large projects are scheduled on Microsoft Project so that you know exactly when to expect delivery of the job.  All welds are backed up by Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS),  Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and Welder Qualification Record (WQR).  Where required we put together Quality Control Plans (QCP) and Weld Plans.

Contact SEPRITE today, and become a our customers for life.


John Cheetham - Managing Director

John is a self styled businessman who has come through the ranks.

He started with a Heating and Ventilation company in Southport, England in 1967 and progressed through many contract jobs all over the world in many disciplines, in many industries. Building Oil Rigs (Onshore), Building Oil Rigs (Offshore), Conventional Power Stations, Nuclear Power Stations, Nuclear Waste Plants, Shipping, Aluminium Hull Boat Building, Jet Engine & Compressor building, Petro-Chemical Plants, LNG Plants, Breweries, Dairies, Research and Development and many more.

John has held all kinds of positions from Welder, Pipe fitter, Boilermaker, Foreman, Supervisor, Superintendent, A.W.S. Inspector, Lecturer, Training Instructor, Consultant, Project Engineer, Project Manager, R & D Technological Manager.


Since 1984 John has been the master of his own destiny in SEPRITE.

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